Music and Praise In the Life of the Believer

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Are Bethel teaching and singing of the same Jesus who incidentally needed to be born again, according to Bill Johnson that the one revealed in Scripture? Patently not. Please search the Scriptures to see if anything I say is incorrect. God has promised He will turn no-one that seeks him with an honest and sincere heart. Thank you dee. I keep reading that Bethel believes in a different Jesus… different then what? And at what point are you going to explain which Jesus they believe in — using source text?

Are you sure your position against these groups is not rooted in jealous because the LORD has chosen to awaken them to his spirit? The bible does say that in the last days he will pour out his spirit on all flesh.

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Speak peace brothers and if you feel as if your brother is in error, speak directly to them and if they do not listen and you are still sure they are in error, pray. Speak truth and stop wasting time being friends with the enemy who hates the church and seeks to destroy it. Open your eyes and see who the real enemy is. It is not of flesh and blood. You will know them by their fruit.

Songs for Worship

Slander is not a fruit of the spirit. Hi Lauralei, I am happy to send you our book for free. It has footnotes, quotes from Bill Johnson and other Bethel leaders, and everything you need to know. There is power in the name of Jesus no matter who sings it. When I was a rank sinner, I sang praises to God, and there was nothing sinister or blasphemous behind my praise. Most of the beautiful hymns we sing today came from men who espoused heretical views about black people.

One such heresy was that blacks were cursed by Noah and did not have souls I am black. Just a cursory examination Genesis 9 lets us know that only Canaan and his progeny were cursed.

The Benefits of Praise!

Yet, this heretical teaching has persisted to this day. The timeless hymns that we know and love today have also persisted and blessed multitudes of people. White Christians attended segregated churches and countenanced slavery and the brutal Jim Crow system of the south. In fact, the horrors of both slavery and Jim Crow could not have existed without the imprimatur of the so called church. Are we to jettison the praise songs that came out those times because the leaders were in error?

No, brothers — a thousand times no! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, Psalms The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, the trees of the field shall clap their hands, Isaiah Hi Aubrey I think you raised some interesting and valid points. Bill Johnson and various pastors at Bethel preach a Jesus that is very different to what Scripture reveals. And thats the issue.

Calling young Anabaptists back to The Root

Would I classify Bethel as a cult? Not sure, as there would be believers among them. On the surface, all seems ok, but as you look further into the books and teachings and activities, a different picture emerges. I think we got side tracked by this, instead of discussing Bethel and their influence over Christians and the Body of Christ as a whole. Greetings in the name of Jesus, Hagen Junger, I have not really examined the teachings of Bethel, I do, however, share your concern about false doctrine.

Paul, in Hebrews , echoes the same sentiments of Jesus.

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We should not be carried about with strange doctrines. The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life, 2 Corinthians You lose me when you bring out the song police and start censoring songs.

Who determines what songs we should accept and those we should ban. And, on what criteria do we accept or ban a song. Quite frankly, it is a wonderful song evoking a spirit of worship, praise and victory in my heart. Avoid false teachers at all cost, but if a song glorifies God, embrace it. Just to be clear Good Good Father is not written by any of the churches mentioned in this article, it was written by HouseFires, which I do not know much about and made popular by Chris Tomlin.

I do agree about the stance on Bethel and Hillsong. I am surrounded by people I love who love these songs, but usually they are young people who really do not have much years under their belts.

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I think that needs to stand alone. So it would make sense that he would attack it. One of the Hindu entities does this. The worship is real, and so is the enemies hocus-pocus. Chose worship, and reject sensationalism. Bethel and Hillsong are both heretical churches and they are funded thanks to their extremely profitable musicians.

If you think I am joking look it up for yourselves. So does that mean the Gospel is not to be preached to the Gentiles like Jesus says in Matthew? That is utter nonsense. James 2 says that all scripture is God breathed, and is to be used for proof and correction. As a matter of fact we are going through the same discussions at our Church, to which I am a deacon. My stance is to stay true to the Biblical Jesus and all of Scrptures teachings. Stay away from anything you know is heretical, even if it tickles the ear. Bethel, Jesus Culture and Hillsong all believe in a Jesus that does not exist and all of their teachings will burn forever.

I choose to be safe and eliminate anything that I know is heretical.

Praise and Worship Gospel Music 2019 - Top 100 Best Christian Gospel Songs Of All Time

God bless and only the True Biblical Jesus Saves!! Aubrey, thank you for your well thought out response. I see truth and wisdom in your words. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Bless you and bless you and bless you sister, in the name of Jesus. And at what point are you going to explain which Jesus they believe in — using source text. After reading a couple articles you linked to, it became clear to me that the Jesus that Bill Johnson believes in does miracles and the Jesus that you and Mr Woods believes in does not..

Do you really believe as Mr. It may come as a shock to cessationist, but the apostles did not do miracles by their own power — Mark , Acts The name of Jesus, the word of God and the Holy Spirit were the source of miracles in the book of Acts. Let me offer you another example. In Acts 14, Paul is preaching at Lystra. Among those listening was a man crippled from birth. Paul steadfastly beheld him and perceived that he had faith to be healed. My question to you is, where did the impotent man get faith to be healed??

Since faith comes by hearing the living Word of God, he obviously got faith from hearing the Word that Paul preached. Another question: Can anyone get faith to be healed from hearing the drivel you guys are preaching? Acts So, a better question to ask would be, if the same word of God that Paul preached was preached today would it generate faith in those who hear?

If you have scriptures instructing me not to desire spiritual gifts, please share them?

Third, in Philippians Although Jesus existed as God, He stripped Himself of all privileges and dignity so as to assume the guise of a slave. I would love to hear your exegesis of this passage. John MacArthur along with most other neo-reformers are acolytes of John Calvin, the unrepentant murderer of Michael Servetus. Calvinism is a doctrine born out of the heart of a murderer. Finally, when John MacArthur was asked how old he was when he sensed the need for Jesus. In other words, he was born saved. No need for the born again experience.

Whether it come by way of music or through the Scriptures. Good good father is by House fires? Jesus came to set us free.

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Always keep that first. Confess with your mouth believe in your heart thats it. Remember the Pharisees tried to weight believers down with doctrine.